Plastic Free July – Week 1 progress

I have now completed one week of Plastic Free July and overall I think I have done okay. My main aim was to reduce as much plastic as I easily could and to try and come up with some solutions to some of my problem areas. It has definitely been an eye-opener.

I have had a few hiccups along the way, including drinking individually-wrapped tea bags that I had previously bought before the challenge and being given a straw in a juice that we had ordered in a cafe. It was served to our table about 5 minutes after being ordered so it was difficult to ensure they didn’t put a straw in the drink. Another slip-up was being offered a free 2-pack of Creme Caramel by a work colleague. I couldn’t resist… *blushes*

However, I have definitely had some wins. My first win was visiting a wholefoods store that has recently opened in Frankston. The first time I have ever visited one. I was able to buy almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and dried fruit without the need for packaging. I was also excited to see that they also sell cleaning liquids on tap, so I will definitely be taking a container with me next time to fill up on some dishwashing liquid.

Produce purchased at Wholefoods Melbourne.
Produce purchased at Wholefoods Melbourne.

My other win was not buying any bottled flavoured milk for the entire week. For anyone that knows me well, they will know that I have an addiction to my daily iced coffee. I have been guilt-ridden for years about buying this as it is as bad as buying bottled water every day. I have managed to survive the week, although my husband did have to talk me out of buying one when I was feeling at my weakest during the week. Rather than cutting them out completely like I previously have, I have replaced them with homemade iced coffee or hot chocolates. This is a weakness that I am going to have to keep working on – especially when walking down the dairy aisle of a supermarket or filling up at a petrol station!

Homemade iced coffee - an alternative to the bottled variety
Homemade iced coffee – an alternative to the bottled variety

Other problem plastic areas I’ve noticed are bandaid wrappers, medication bottles and blister packs, and packaged snack foods. The only easy alternative I’ve found so far is making your own biscuits or buying popcorn kernels in bulk and making your own popcorn.

There is plenty more that I’ve noticed, but I’ll report on these in my week 2 update.


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