Brown Thornbills in our garden

I recently entered BirdLife Australia‘s poetry competition, which was held in conjunction with their Birds in Backyards program. This program has been set up to get more people involved in creating bird-friendly gardens at home and in the local community. I was very pleased to find out that I was chosen as a runner-up and won some educational goodies relating to native Australian birds (pictured above).

I decided to write about the Brown Thornbills that frequently inhabit our garden and bring us so much joy.  Below is the poem I entered. Unfortunately I can’t share a good photo of a Brown Thornbill as they never sit still long enough and are very small, however some nice photos can be found here. One day!

Brown Thornbills

Brown Thornbills are my favourite bird.
They easily win hands down.
They always provide us with a smile
When we’d previously had a frown.

They come in twos and flit about
Amongst our scrubby plants.
Our paperbark and hibiscus
Provide a venue for their dance.

At first we only heard them;
Their happy song a real delight.
And then we later spotted them
In and out of the dappled light.

They urged us to plant more bushy shrubs
To provide more habitat.
So that we can see more of them
And hear their happy chat.

We really love our “thornies”.
Not just an LBJ*.
Please keep an eye out for them;
They could brighten up your day.

*LBJ is an acronym that stands for “Little Brown Job”. It’s a term often used by birdwatchers to define a small brown bird that is difficult to identify.


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