Last weekend in the garden

It was nice and sunny last weekend – perfect weather to spend in the garden. The bees were loving it as well and were very active.

Our garden
The bees were enjoying the sunny weather. 

I planted a Silver Plectranthus (Plectranthus argentatus) in a problem area down the side of the house that doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. I have heard a lot of good things about this plant, including a nearby neighbour noticing that hers attracts a lot of native Blue-banded Bees. Fingers crossed it turns out well!

Recently I noticed our Round-leaved Mint Bushes (Prostanthera rotundifolia) looking sick. One had died completely and the other one wasn’t far off. These mint bushes are well-known for being short-lived. I removed them a couple of weeks ago and then cut off the small sections that still had leaves remaining. These were bundled up in a mesh bag and hung up in our garden shed to dry. On the weekend I bottled up the leaves, which we will later use as a pizza topping and for roast vegetables.

Our house
Dried Prostanthera rotundifolia

My husband also installed the beginnings of a nest for the Spotted Pardalotes. In a recent retaining wall that he had built, he drilled a 32mm diameter hole and inserted a stick just below the hole for a perch. They will hopefully then come along and dig a tunnel in the soil. We had heard of someone else doing this successfully and so thought we would give it a shot. This installation was placed right near where Spotted Pardalotes had previously nested when we only had a dirt wall. Now to wait!

Our garden
The beginning of (hopefully) a Spotted Pardalote’s nest.



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