Unfinished business

I often feel embarrassed about our unfinished garden. Of course, no garden is ever finished, but some of our garden has never really began. We moved into our property almost 5 years ago, and at the beginning we didn’t really have that much spare time to do anything because we were both busy working full-time, … More Unfinished business

Why it’s never too late to have a “green thumb”

I remember growing up hearing the term “green thumb”, usually in reference to my maternal grandmother or aunt, who took a keen liking to plants and who always had a nice garden. As a youngster, I thought that it must be something that you were born with and since I didn’t really take a keen … More Why it’s never too late to have a “green thumb”

Adapting a garden when new dogs arrive

Two weeks ago we acquired two beautiful Miniature Schnauzers who are still teenagers. We have thankfully found that they are not actively destructive, however, being teenagers they do love to roar around the backyard chasing each other in a boisterous fashion. It is quite entertaining to watch, however, we have realised that we need to rethink … More Adapting a garden when new dogs arrive